My christmas poem!


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Christmas time; A time of joy!

Fun for every girl and boy!

The tree goes up, now we decorate!

baubles, tinsil  cooperate,

Christmas shopping for my family and friends,

chocolates, toys, special zoom lens,

Wrapped up nicely, then under the tree,

Is there anything under there for me?

Christmas eve, put out food for santa,

Some christmas cookies, and a cup of fanta,

And don’t forget the big, juicy carrot,

The reigndeer deserve at least some merit!

excitement keeps us away from sleeping,

Every hour, we can’t help peeping,

When will santa make make his move,

It’s almost 9; no time to lose!

“Dont worry, kids”, comforted mum

“Go to sleep; The night’s still young!

then In the morn, when you awake,

There will be presents and christmas cake!”

So we eventually did give in,

sound asleep like the rest of our kin

and when morning dawned, clear and cheery,

we were all up very bright and early,

To find the christmas tree in the hall,

guarding gifts, large and small

something there for us all!

And as we stood there, smiles aglow,

I swear I heard a ‘ho ho ho’…

100WC – Musomic


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The shadowy figure was looking directly at us. “C’mon,” I mutter to Ashley, “Let’s go.”

“You’re just scared!” She says scornfully, but there’s a slight tremor in her voice that betrays her. As we turned away, the moon came out from behind a cloud, glowing eerily. By the light of that moon, I caught a glimpse of his face. I froze, seized by a terrible flashback.

Laura… her face glowing in the moonlight… “I love…” she begins. A snarl breaks the silence, and it’s on top of her. Red everywhere; gleaming white teeth…”RUN!” I yell, as he leaps from the window.

Australian animals biteslide!


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This is my biteslide about Australian animals. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Inanimate Alice episode 4 review


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In episode 4, we find Alice as a fourteen year old. She has been told by her friends that she must climb the outer steps of an abandoned building right to the top. But when she reaches about halfway up, the stairs collapse and she is trapped on a platform very high off the ground. She enters the building through one of the old doors, and has to find her way out.

Personally, I didn’t really like this episode. It was exciting, but the solution to the complication was quite simple. She found the way out of the big, scary building, the end. I would have liked it a whole lot more if the solution had been more interesting. Maybe she was rescued by a big flying bird? Or she jumped into a lake so as to break the fall?

It was still extremely well written though, and the visual presentation was great.

Inanimate Alice tellagami


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This is my epiosde beginning for Epiosde 4 – Hometown – made using Tellagami.


100 wc- Message in a bottle


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Grimly, I survey the terrible scene before me. The beach is littered with broken furniture, old toys, shards of metal, and many other things. The typhoon destroyed everything. Hopelessness  engulfs me, and I start sobbing. Suddenly, there is a gust of wind, and something nudges against my bare foot. A letter in a bottle! It reads;

‘We have heard of the typhoon, and our hopes and wishes go with you. We are raising money to assist you, so don’t give up hope! We are all people; We will all help.’

For the first time in ages, I smile.

Spelling short story chapter 5- Making friends


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I slowly open my eyes. I feel drowsy. My chest hurts. I blink a couple of times, and as my eyes focus, I realise that I am in a hospital. I look around, and recognise the girl. She is sitting in a chair next to my bed, and fast asleep. Judging by the dimmed room, I guess its late at night or early morning. I shift around, and the girl wakes suddenly. “Oh, your’e awake.” She said through a massive yawn. “What happened?” I here myself ask, in a croaky voice that hardly seems my own. “You had a heart attack. It wasn’t to major, and I used my mobile to call the ambulance. I told them you’re my granddad….  If I said you were a complete stranger, they may have been awkward questions and all that. they’d probably like to know your awake. They told me ‘now treasure, don’t you worry about grandpa, he’ll be fine, and when he wakes up, tell us.‘” She says, imitating a silly, simpering voice that reminds me of a quaint little house without a speck of dust. It takes a moment for this to get into my head. “You told them I was your grandpa?” I say weakly, but before she can answer, the door swings open to admit the doctor and a nurse.

“Ah, finally, you’re awake,” He says briskly. “Now, is there any parent or friend I can call? I don’t think it’s safe for your granddaughter to be without supervision.” I glance at the girl. The stares at me, pleading silently. “No. her parents are on holiday in… Um… China. Just us, i’m afraid!” I lie easily. I even add a small chuckle to make it believable.

“How can you laugh! You were THIS close to dying, we were called in from our afternoon break, and you’re laughing?” The nurse bursts out in a fierce voice. “Now now, Lisa, no need to be pessimistic.” The doctor says heartily. She huffs, and storms out of the room. “Uh, i’ll be back in just a sec.” The doctor says, and races out after her. I look at the girl. She looks at me. Then we both start laughing until tears come to our eyes, “we were called in from our afternoon break, and you’re laughing?!” She says, imitating the nurse, and we fall about laughing again. After a while, we stop, gasping for breath. “Mr Toms,” she says, “um… after you’re out of the hospital, maybe you should have someone to come around once a day, to make sure you don’t have anymore you know, heart attacks.” She’s not laughing now. She is biting her lip and looking hopeful and shy. I smile, getting her gist. “That would be good. You could come around after school,” and she smiles at me like she’s just made her first ever friend.

Well, maybe she had.


100 WC


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As I see him, my heart sinks, and tears spring to my eyes. He is hunched over, clutching his stomach which has a steadily growing scarlet stain spreading across and staining his clothes. His eyes are dull, and his pale, exhausted face shows the hardship he’s been through.

When he speaks to me, his voice his filled with pain. “Did we win?” He asks.

“We did mate.” My voice is racked with tears.

He smiles. “Good…bye” His voice is less than a whisper. Then, he dies in my arms. Tears run down my grimy cheek.

Remembering hurts. Lest we forget.


Spelling short story- Chapter 4-


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Black. All I could see was black. I felt my eyelids flutter and my tongue moisten my lips. “Oh good, you’re awake.” A voice, portraying it’s owners old age, breaks through my hazy mind.  I sit up, but colourful spots appear in front of my eyes and my head starts to throb. I reach up to the sorest part of my forehead, and feel a rather large bandaid nestled there. As my eyes focus, I see the person who talked before. “Now firstly, i’d jus’ like to guarentee that i’m no kidnapper, it’s just that  you was being bashed up and all literally on my front lawn, and then after them kids went of, you fainted and hit your head rather nasty on my fence, so i took you in and bandaged you up…” His voice tails away  as I start to talk. “Thanks Mr, so much. And by the way, I wouldn’t care if you were a kidnapper. At least being kidnapped would be exiting. My parents might actually realise i exist…” I shut my mouth quickly, realising i had said to much, but he doesn’t ask uncomfortable questions. He just smiles, and says; “I’ll be back in jus’ a sec”, and walks out of the room. I sigh. My head is throbbing like anything, and I have a black eye, I soon discover.  I look around me, taking notice of the red velvet curtains, paintings on the walls, the piles, shelves, and baskets of book after book, and what looks like a gramophone, which bares the signs of overuse and age.

After a few minutes, the man comes back in, laden with a tray of drinks and some cake. “Here you go” he says, giving me a thin slice of the cake and a glass of what looks like lemonade. “Thanks, Mr” I say, realising just how hungry I am. Call me mr Toms “So, he says thoughtfully, ” Why were them kids angry at you?” I can’t help but let out a tiny snigger. He raises an eyebrow. Lst week, this small girl from year five brought in a massive box of beautiful cupcakes for her birthday”, I explain, ” really nice. Pink icing with little edible butterflies and flowers. Anyway, they stole the box as she was coming into the junior  school, ran away and ate all of them. They didn’t even give the plate back, and it was her mothers favourite one she had made in pottery or something. So I decided that they needed payback, and their car was looking kind of dull…”

” You painted their car?” He asked, in a very doubtful way.

“It didn’t look that bad,” I protest, the protective barriers coming up. “Well, maybe pink with cupcakes and butterflies with unicorns isn’t a bullies style”…  I say.

He looks like he’s going to burst. ‘Uh oh,’ I think, ‘i’m going to get told of by a complete stranger…’ Not like that hasn’t happened before. Just not by someone who’s shown me so much hospitality.

He opens his mouth. I brace myself for the lecture, but it never comes. Instead, he bursts out laughing, a booming, power laugh, and i can’t help but join in to.

Suddenly, there is a ruckus outside the door. I stop laughing, fearful. My car hit has been my best (week, for me) ever, and i doubt I could manage to wrap the police around my little finger, like last time. After all, it was a very expensive car.

Mr Toms opens the door, and in walks…

A baby swan. He honks joyful when he sees remaining cake on the platter. “This is Pablo.” Mr Toms says. “You can pat him if you want, but be careful of his left wing. It’s a little sore.” Gingerly, I stroke the soft, downy feathers on Pablo’s back. He honks in a cheerful manner, then goes back to the slice of cake mr Toms cut for him.

“I really should call your parents. They’d be worried…” He says lightly. I sigh. This again.

“My parents run a restaurant. My dad is also a part time soccer coach and my  mum works with refugees and people who have travelled to London but don’t know english. They don’t have time for a daughter. They don’t most of the pickles I’ve been in. They haven’t been there when i was at the police station for, um, decorating a bus stop or when my teacher wanted to talk to them about my… egg disaster in home economics.” I have the grace to look a little guilty through my glum face.”

I look up at Mr Toms. He smiles gently at me, and opens his mouth to speak. His face pales, and he slowly topples to the floor, clutching his heart.

100 WC


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The violent storm was relentless. The cold, stinging rain lashed against my window, looking like tears as they streaked down the pane. The thunder shook even the sturdiest house – sounding like a drum magnified by countless millions. The lightning was like a beacon against the black sky, creating weird and wonderful glowing shapes in the sky. It was like the earth and sky were fighting a terrible battle which would leave both quieted and exhausted.

I turn away from the mayhem outside, and smile wanly. ‘At least it’s good weather for hot chocolate!’ I think as I put the kettle on.

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